What is CT Cooking? — Snow Day Potatoes 2/22/13

Omigosh.  It’s turned into a four-day weekend again.  Unprepared, at the change of the school term.  A recipe for boredom, angst, and frustration.  I’m talking about me, not them.

Wednesday I got a 20# bag of russet potatoes for 2.88 at Bag N Save.  That’s .14/#, and while I’m trying to eat down our foodstuffs without stocking up, well, let’s just say I strayed from that line of thinking for a moment.  I have found many recipes for potatoes for the freezer over the years, and we have some favorites.  What we won’t eat personally will become part of some potlucks, I’m sure.


But I wasn’t looking forward to peeling all those potatoes.at.all.  Then I remembered the old Pampered Chef apple peeler/slicer, purchased one fall while I was dreaming of homemade apple pies.  It was cumbersome to use, and made a sticky mess.  But dadgummit, I’d paid a small fortune for it, and I wasn’t getting rid of it.  Today I pulled it out to peel the potatoes.  LOVE!  Not every speck of peel is off, but that’s fine with us, and it certainly beats hand peeling.



I didn’t have the ingredients for some of my stand-by recipes.  No cream cheese, no bacon pieces, just one pkg of cheese, and I am not using “cream of” soups anymore.  And since I’m low-starching it these days, the recipes have to be either individual or easily divided.

So with tools in place, I set out to make the following (or reasonable facsimiles) today:

Frozen French Fries

Loaded Baked Potato Salad/Casserole

Individual Potato Puddings

I adjusted these for less fat, no bacon, etc.


The fries were first, because they got me going and were easy-peasy.  Flash freeze for fast dinners.  Then the casseroles, because I was in a tactile food mood.  As of this writing, the casserole potatoes are cooling so I can mix it up and freeze.  Since I’ll be using the gargantuan food processor for the potato cups, I thought I’d get everything else done and cleaned up first.

The house smells like cooked potatoes, which I find strangely comforting.  And guess what?  The boys aren’t even awake yet!

What are you doing this snow day?


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