Coupons for Better Food

As you have read, I’m cutting out the junky foods from our diets.  Some of it is in phases; some of it is as prices allow.  I bought some KALE yesterday!  It was the last bunch on sale at Target (.99), and it was pretty small.  I also got some radishes (.79), which I don’t usually get because I don’t like them.  But I’m going to try some recipes, as I know these foods have lots of nutrients.

I’ve started posting coupons for better food products on my FB page.  There are lots of coupons available for organics, “natural” foods, and products for healthier living.  I’m finding them more and more.  Be sure to “like” CT’s Grocery Coupons so you won’t miss a single one.

Be sure to sign up with manufacturers to get emails with coupons and special member offers.  Some of my favorites:

Gold N Plump (this chicken is not organic or free range, but it is better than “standard” grocery chicken, imho, and reasonable with coupons)

Earthbound Farms

Laura’s Lean Beef

Village Hearth breads (this bread is not organic, but the 100% whole wheat loaves are a great alternative to “standard” grocery store bread, and are reasonably priced, especially with frequent .55 coupons!)

Common Kindness (various products and manufacturers)

Cascadian Farm


4 thoughts on “Coupons for Better Food

  1. I didn’t know about has coupons for healthier products, too. Also, recyclebank has kashi/earthbound farms and others. You do so well with chix prices @ target!


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