Menu Planning Basics Revisited

I’m reviving posts from over the years with tips and tricks to help you get started, or refine your planning.  I still use these, with a few learned techniques for dealing with teenage appetites and schedules.  At CheapThrillsInOmaha, we provide a lot of info to help you enjoy life in the Big O more frugally.  And sometimes our best info gets buried by current deals.  So we’ve dusted it off for you.

Check out these posts, and let us know what works for your household.  We’re all about sharing the love here.

Menu Planning Basics

Meal Planning: How to Save Money and Sanity

And here’s a discussion thread on (now) with great ideas and tips.

Printable forms and charts are always helpful, so here are some you may want to use.

I use a printable menu calendar to plan my dinner menus in the posts above.

Alli at Scattered Squirrel has a new printable weekly menu plan help.

Bloggers share their menus on Menu Plan Monday each week; great for inspiration.

Try these CheapThrills recipes for your family.

Hope this info helps you to enjoy meals more, save money, and enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning Basics Revisited

  1. We are also trying to eat more healthy and organic foods, and it is harder to find those foods at as low a price as all of the ‘processed’ foods . . . Thanks for all of the resources!


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