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2012 Menu Planning: 12/30/12 – 1/5/13

on January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Oops.  Did I forget to post last week?  Well, I can assure you it was yummy, and frugal, and way too much.  Roast beast for Christmas Eve, spiral-cut honey baked ham for Christmas Day, leftovers, leftovers, and chicken enchiladas.  The last of the Christmas cookies are officially gone.

Now we’re down to brass tacks of healthful eating.  The winter produce bargains pair well with lean protein, make nice salads, and dip well.  I’m in veg heaven lately.  The cauliflower makes a great potato substitute for me, too.  So I’m cooking up a bunch of healthy stuff this week, walking the new treadmill three times per week, stretching, and trying to keep active and off my butt.

To that end (pardon the pun), here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Turkey breast (1.48/#), stuffing for the guys (.50), cauli for me (.22), carrots (.25), Romaine salads (~.60).

Monday:  For the boys: Bacon Bacon Bacon pizza from Papa Murphy’s ($10).  For us: steaks ($4), real baked potatoes (.75), salads (.40), special dessert (~$1).

Tuesday:  Sub sandwiches with leftover turkey, ham or both (~.50 each), tortilla chips (~$1), baby carrots (.15), cauliflower (.15), broccoli (.15).

Wednesday:  Skillet casserole of leftover turkey, leftover rice, leftover vegs (~$3).

Thursday:  Leftover beef taco soup (already accounted in past budget) from the freezer, corn muffins (.40), salad (.40).

Friday:  BBQ pork (1.34) sandwiches (.35), sweet potato fries (.30), slaw (~.50).

Saturday:  DH’s split pea soup aka Hot Lava (~1.50) with rope sausage ($2) and noodles (.45).  This carb-fest may be countered by my own selections.

These seven menus for four will cost me about $30, including the pizza.  Otherwise, the week would have been totally frugal, but you have to celebrate once in a while!   By all accounts and predictions, groceries should be going sky-high in 2013.  CT is still and always on a mission to keep dinner costs down, never more diligently than now.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday at

4 responses to “2012 Menu Planning: 12/30/12 – 1/5/13

  1. $30 for four is amazing! What’s your total budget for the week.

    I wish I had been at your house for Christmas :-)

    • omahacheapthrills says:

      Thanks, CarliAlice! After donations to the food pantry, etc., our grocery spending is about $350/month or $85/week still. It has been all about the deals, but I will add more scratch cooking than ever before this year.

  2. Delicious menu! Love the cost breakdown. Time to get back on track with healthy(er) eating here too. Cutting back on the sugary treats is first priority.

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