What’s Your Deal? 12/22/12

Okay, it’s Saturday, and time to share my best deals of the week.  (This is posting late.)  Share yours below.

My best deal this week was a Christmas gift.  And since he’s already aware, I can post the deal.  #1 wanted a new Army field jacket.  He currently uses Grandpa’s 1950s one, with the airborne and colonel patches still attached.  Not cool for a kid pre-enlisting this week.  We went down to AM Surplus in Bellevue a few weeks ago, tried them on, and ordered him a new one.  The owner told me the price would be about $75, but when it came in and we finally made it back down there, it was less than $50 — because it wasn’t a size XXXL, which is what the original price was based on.  Well, I’ll take that deal!

Grocery-wise, I am finding lots of deals, but not getting to the stores to get them.  Last week’s storm kinda threw a monkey wrench in it for me.  When I did get out and saw the crowds, I realized I didn’t need to be out, don’t like crowds, and would be better off scraping up ice at home.  At least I got some exercise.

What’s your deal this week?


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