Doubles This Week 12/12/12 – 12/18/12

There is talk out there that all Bag N Save and all No Frills stores in the Omaha area are running double coupons this week.  I know that the Bag N Save/No Frills joint ad did not list doubles.  I got a separate flyer from one No Frills listing doubles at that particular store only.  I did make the trip out there Thursday for that.

I heard about the “all Bag N Save” doubles, so I called the manager at my store to check.  Here’s the deal:

To compete with new Fareway stores opening around town, and to gain new shoppers in a down market, there are some special promos (such as double coupons) going on at individual No Frills stores, most of them.  Since Bag N Save and No Frills are now both under the Nash Finch umbrella, some of the Bag N Save stores have chosen to honor the specials being run by the No Frills near them.  It is not a chain-wide policy, and YMMV.  Some of the Bag N Save stores are honoring this out of good will to their partner stores, and how that continues remains to be determined.

So if you’re planning to do doubles at BnS, you might want to call your store first.  I know that the one at 156/Blondo is going to honor any NF ad, including double coupons, IF you have the ad with you.  And they asked me to share that with all of you. 😀


One thought on “Doubles This Week 12/12/12 – 12/18/12

  1. Okay, be sure to check out the ad photo on my FB page(s). SOME BnS stores (3 of them) ARE running doubles. Hey, Nash Finch! Get yer act tugethuh.


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