Product Review: Light Keeper Pro “Fixes Lights”

Last year I noticed an entire strand of lights on our pre-lit Christmas tree was out.  I turned that section to the wall, adorned profusely, and ignored it.  The tree was not inexpensive, and the 700 lights are intricately attached.  I was not looking forward to replacing the lights.

You’ve probably seen the TV commercials for the Light Keeper Pro that “fixes light sets.”  I found this at Westlake Ace for $24.99, and figured, “$25 is cheaper than a new tree.”  The cashier said there were not many complaints about the product.  I got the device, have used it several times, and am quite impressed!  It’s a keeper.

Here’s how it works:  you remove one of the lights on the “dead” strand, insert the socket into the Light Keeper Pro, and click the trigger a few times to “shock” the wires and sockets into shape.  This actually works!  It fixed the lights on the tree (three strands were out this November), and even the half sides of the net lights I’d written off but kept for the heck of it.  It took at most three clicks to get the strands to work.  On the outside net lights, it took one click; however, in order to get the socket to fit into the device, I had to break off part of the plastic socket that clips the socket to the wire to keep it pretty — no electrical damage.

But it does not easily remove burned out bulbs, to be honest.  There are different lips on the Light Keeper Pro designed to ease the bulbs out of the sockets.  They don’t work easily, and my thumb got raw quickly.  This is definitely easier and safer than using pliers.  But I ended up using another tool that was easier on my thumb.  On the outside net lights, the bulb and socket would not fit into the lip area, and I had to use another tool.

The light bulb checker is really handy.  Unfortunately, 40-50 bulbs on the Christmas tree were burned out, and I didn’t want to buy new ones.  I had a strand of lights that I knew had shorted wires, but the bulbs were still good.  So I removed all 100 bulbs on the shorted strand, tested them, and was able to use them, with extras for next year!

I have not had an opportunity to address fuses or the voltage detector with this product.  For fixing strands as indicated, and for testing bulbs, this was definitely worth the $25 to me.  I know I’ll be using it many times in the coming years.  I’m already scheduled to help a friend with her outages next November.

My tree lights were repaired, bulbs replaced, and the tree assembled.  What a pretty sight:  700 lights, and 699 of them glowing.  One at the very tippy top was burned out.  And it will have to wait till next year!

I was not compensated, provided product, or reimbursed in any way for this product review.

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