Elkhorn No Frills Doubles Deals 12/13/12

couponsAwesome deals today!  It was a much better experience in Elkhorn today than in the past.  I guess that’s due to the time of day and other factors.  I did two orders; I took the non-perishables out to the car first, so I wouldn’t get too mixed up.  Which I did, anyway.

I did the General Mills/Honey Nut Cheerios and FREE milk deal.  I forgot to get the milk — DUH! — but when I went back they handled it all very well with NO attitude.  Here are some other deals I got:

FREE Nesquik packet — .99 – .50 MQ doubled to .49, which I wasn’t expecting!  Yay!

12 double-roll Angel Soft 3.99 – .25 doubled =3.49

Land O Frost deli shaved meat 2.79 – .55 doubled = 1.69

Our Fam frozen orange juice 2.15 – .80 doubled (which I wasn’t expecting) = .80

Bisquik Shake N Pour 1.50 – .50 doubled = .50

Smuckers fruit spreads 2.75 – 1.25/2 doubled = 1.85 each

Jack’s pizza 3/$11 – .75 doubled = 2.37

What deals did YOU find?


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