What’s Your Deal 11/24/12?

Okay, it’s Saturday, and time to share my best deals of the week.  Many out there, but I avoid the “Black Friday” thing.  My deals this week are not from that kind of shopping.

My best deal this week was a toss-up.  My “high end bargain” was two smaller Wholly Guacamole (2.29 – $1 insert coupons) and 2 nice ribeye steaks (5.06 each – $2 beef wyb WGuac insert coupons).  My awesome everyday grocery bargain was the 31 oz can of Our Fam coffee for just 3.99 with in-ad coupon at Bag N Save.  That is an unreal deal!  But the guac and beef was amazing, too.

Our Free Thrill of the week was ringing Salvation Army bells in front of Bag N Save on Wednesday afternoon.  The weather was 70+ degrees, and everyone was in a great mood.  My son did some schuplattler dancing, I got the kids away from the XBox for two hours, and we saw paper money go in the kettle — thank you for being so generous!


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