Give It Back! — Bell Ringing Made Easy!

My boys are off school Wednesday!  I believe this is the first time both of them (different school systems) have had this kind of break before a holiday.  So we’ll be ringing bells at the iconic Salvation Army red kettle at a nearby grocery store.  The day before Thanksgiving is the biggest day of grocery sales in America.  Really.  So we figure traffic will be steady, and donors will likely be in the mood to help others.  And, of course, the weather is supposed to be extremely cooperative.

I discovered that this year you can sign up online to ring bells!  You can see which locations need ringers, in which time slots, and sign up right there.  This is awesome!  You can go HERE to learn more about registering online — maybe your family, church group, or officemates can contribute some time for this great cause.

The Salvation Army continues to distribute aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy.  They continue to provide alcohol and drug rehabilitationPrisoner rehabilitation.  Community centers, including our own Omaha Kroc Center.  Your help has a direct impact on members of our community.

Give It Back! is an occasional series on Cheap Thrills in Omaha about caring for others in our community.  Your donation is just a drop in the bucket!


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