2012 Menu Planning: 11/18 – 11/24/12

Big week here, with Thanksgiving and all the culinary pageantry that goes with that. The turkey is in the fridge, the sides are all planned and ready to be prepared.  I planned to cook ahead on Wednesday, but now we’re signed up to ring Salvation Army bells during the Thanksgiving grocery store rush that afternoon.  I’ll have to enjoy the preparations on Thursday, which is not a big deal for me, as long as I get to see the parades first.

With a busy week ahead,I’ve planned for ease of use, as well as using up freezer and fridge stash.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Ribs (come in their own sealed oven bag, and they smell awesome cooking) (about $4 total with sale and coupons), oven fries, slaw with apple.

Monday:  Smart Taste spaghetti (.50) with marinara (.48), salads and whole wheat garlic rolls (.84).

Tuesday:  “George’s Favorite Chicken,” a recipe adapted from Southern Living years and years ago (chicken (1.67/#), stuffing (.45), cel/car/on, cream of mushroom (.45), wine, and my secret ingredient), broccoli (.33), salads.

Wednesday:  Pizza (a pre-Thanksgiving family tradition) with coupon — and it’s right across the parking lot from where we’re ringing bells, and salad for me.

Thursday:  Turkey (.74/#), stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes (.10/#), green beans and one small “casserole”, sweet potato casserole (.29/#), crescent rolls, cranberry sauce (chunky, of course!), green salads and pumpkin pie (with all sale items).  Traditional, and we like it!  I’m guessing about $7 for the dinner, with tons of leftovers.

Friday:  Leftovers and additional game food.

Saturday:  As yet undetermined.  Possibly enchiladas or cheesy ham and potato casserole from the freezer.  Yeah, that’s it!

These meals for four will cost me about $35, because of specialty items and the pizza.  I can handle this once or twice a year.  AND there will be multitudes of leftovers for various uses.  Yumm!  Next week will be a very thrifty menu week.

So what’s on YOUR menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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