What’s Your Deal 11/17/12?

Okay, it’s Saturday, and time to share YOUR best deal of the week. Did you find free stuff? Pennies for donations to the food pantry?

My best deal this week was a Walmart triple deal!  I got Beneful dog food (which I will donate) .75 – 1.50 insert coupon for a .75 money maker.  I used that .75 toward Country Crock pumpkin spice (a treat for us), which I got for 1.16 – .75 printable – .75 overage = .34 still in overage!  Which of course I used toward milk 3.22 – .34 = 2.88 for a gallon of skim.  It’s good to be Queen.

I am so trying to not stockpile.  But I still need a turkey for a bargain price.  Best I can find is .74 when you BOGO at Bag N Save, a deal which is over. .69/# with $25 purchase at Bag N Save/No Frills.  (Don’t need a ham.)


Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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