What Is Cheap Thrills Making This Week?

A boatload, I can tell you that!

I had lots of picked chicken breast leftover, and on Thursday had already planned to make Light and Creamy Chicken Enchiladas from “Trim & Terrific Freezer Friendly Meals,” which is in the Omaha Public Library.   I had almost enough for a double batch, so I tossed in a can of white beans.  This actually produced a bonus amount of filling.  The beans were not detectable in flavor, but added heft and lots of fiber to the dish.  I cooked a full batch for dinner, but we only devoured 6 of the enchiladas (two left for lunches).  That made me happy that I’d packed the freezer containers with 6 each!  $4.78 for three dinners plus two lunches, or .25 per enchilada!

While was assembling the enchiladas, I baked up some potatoes to do Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes.  When the other dish was completed and stashed away, I whipped them up.  $2.17 for six dinners’ worth of twice-baked yumminess, or .09 per serving!

Today I whipped up a few freezer breakfasts.  I found a recipe for Bacon Bread Pudding in Family Circle this month, and wanted to try it for Thanksgiving morning.  I put it in the freezer, but I think it’s going to come out more like a loaf, so next time I’ll make it fresh.  With the other half loaf, I made one batch of Frozen French Toast which went into the freezer, and I know it comes out right.  $3.32 for two separate breakfasts, one savory, one sweet — that’s less than .42 per serving!

Wow, I guess I’ve done more than I thought this week.  Time for a nice tall glass of I.D. iced coffee at .03 per serving!

Next week I embark on baked goods: some pumpkiny things and cinnamon rolls.  Mmmmm!

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