Hearting the Mart — Sorta

I ventured back into Price Matching at Walmart this week.  I was pleasantly surprised, and glad to know ahead of time that the PM policy I once knew was replaced with this one.  A friend also told me that our WM will honor other ads’ multiple-purchase prices, too.  But no more store brand matching, which is a bummer.

I’m glad I took my ads with me.  I had to refer to product sizes, and had to show the cashier one price.  First I got another Beneful deal, .75 money-maker.  Then a couple of Christmas gifts.  Here are the best of the grocery deals I got this week.

Laura’s Lean beef top loin 3.19 markdown – $1 coupon = 2.19.  Also another one for 2.38.  Nice to slice and add to….

Bird’s Eye Voila Beef Lo Mein 3.74 – 1.75 coupon = 1.99.  With the  beef, this will serve three with leftovers for lunch.

Fisher walnuts 1.38 – .55 coupon = .83, a real bargain.

1# brown rice .78 GV price

Kraft shredded .88 wyb10 PM – (just 1) $1/2 coupon = .78 each.  Sure wish I’d had more of that coupon!

Ritz PM 1.99 – .75/1 peelies right there = 1.24

Skippy 1.99 PM – .75/2 coupon = 1.67 each

Philly cream cheese PM at .97 (because I did not buy 10 for .69) – .40 coupon = .57

bananas .29/#

And I got other deals, too.  I’m looking at my receipt and I see three “voided entries” (mistakes).  My PMs were separated at the end, I informed her, and she still rang three separate items before I caught her each time, so she had to re-ring them.  Really?!  It becomes more and more important to select a good cashier.  We’ll have to see how this goes.




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