Beneful .75 Money Maker!

A lot of blogs are listing the Beneful deal as a .50 money maker.  I found a better deal at the Walmart near me.  The small $1 bags were marked down to .75!  Using the $1.50 insert coupon, that’s .75 in my pocket, and a nice donation.

I was able to use the .75/any Country Crock on the small pumpkin variety, but not the $1/any, since it excludes those.  Still, a very nice seasonal treat at .41.

And my Crock Pot liners were a deal, too:  6 instead of 4 to a pack, .98 using the $1 insert coupon.  That’s just .16 each bag.

I tried to find the Jif hazelnut that folks are listing for 1.50, but there was only one variety, and it was more than $2.  The Beechnut baby foods (prunes and applesauce are great for baking), were not .46, but .68!  I know “mileage may vary” and all, but I’m finding it’s best to not get too excited and plan out a big trip based on the blogs.  That, and I only got two inserts, not 3 this week, so I couldn’t do some of the deals.

Ah, well.  It is what it is, and the Lord provides much for us.


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