What’s Your Deal 11/10/12?

Okay, it’s Saturday, and time to share YOUR best deal of the week. Did you find free stuff? Pennies for donations to the food pantry?

My best deal this week was either Mission tortillas for .99 (which I use frequently), or Kleenex (also used frequently) for .69 each.

Also, the gal in line behind me at Bag N Save was piling up 3-4# packages of ground beef at 2.69/#.  She had at least 20 (that was at least $200 worth of ground beef!) before it was my turn to cash out.  She said she was filling her freezer, since it doesn’t go on sale very often.  Which begs the question:  What’s your stock-up price for ground beef?  Mine is still $2 or less.  I can sometimes find it for that on manager special, and when I do I buy as much as my budget allows.  Otherwise, I get two packages if I don’t have any and it’s less than $2.40.  Truly, though, we’ve just really cut back on beef, getting our iron elsewhere.



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