2012 Menu Planning: 11/4 – 11/10/12

So it’s been a while.  Many things, many adjustments.  I hope to post my menus regularly again.

I’ve moved my site back to OmahaCheapThrills.Wordpress.com, and am migrating the CheapThrillsInOmaha.com site back to its original home on WP.com.  You can read about it HERE, but it’s pretty simple:  I need to cut back and be available where I’m needed most.

And what’s needed most this week are solid, fast, delicious meals!  It’s a bit of a crazy week, so I have some quick-fixers in there.  Here’s what’s on our menu this week.

Sunday:  BBQ sliced leftover pork (1.88/#) sandwiches, fries (sale w/coupon), slaw, pork and beans (.19).

Monday:  Jumbo hot dogs (.99) on buns, tortilla chips (1.10), carrot sticks.

Tuesday:  Election Day is usually soup and biscuits.  This year soup will be a lovely melange of vegetables, roasted and pureed to creamy perfection.  So basically, leftovers made into creamy soup.  Maybe with a little bacon?  Cheese on the biscuits.

Wednesday:  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts (free), peas and carrots (.85), pasta with garlic and herbs.

Thursday:  Baked crispy pollock (1.88/#), homemade mac and cheese, green salads.

Friday: Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole (cheap!) from the freezer, salads.
Saturday:  Boneless turkey breast (Aldi) stuffed w/spinach and cheese, rice, squash.  There will be leftovers.

I’m not keeping track of every little cost in my meals these days, but I’m guessing these meals for four will cost me less than $25.00.  What I am doing is making sure I stay within my food budget.  We had a few weeks of eating out, couple pizza nights per week, and such.  I’ve done a full freezer inventory, and my pantries overfloweth.  That’s a good thing, since the uncertainty of Tuesday’s decision still looms.  This state of full-on pantry cooking and belt-tightening has arrived early this year; it’s usually here in January.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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