We’re moving home again.  After two and a half years in the “commercial” sector, CheapThrillsInOmaha is moving back to its original home at WordPress.com!  YAY!

This is a great move, and I’m really excited!

Sometimes when something doesn’t work out as expected, it’s time to just reevaluate its value, and regroup.  I ventured away to take advantage of really neat site features and WordPress plugins (such as the event calendar in the sidebar) that simply are not available on WordPress.com.  As it should be — WP hosting is provided for the non-commercial blogger, and it’s pretty maintenance-free because it does not deal with all the bells and whistles.  But running a full-service site takes a little cash, and lots and lots of time.  Time away from my family and other Life obligations.  I’ll really miss being able to provide certain features to my readers, but I will really enjoy being able to blog when I want to, and when I have time.  I hope my posts will be more meaningful this way, too.

There are many “cookie-cutter” blogs out there that can be categorized as “mommy blogs,” “coupon blogs,” and “deal blogs.”  CheapThrills is proud to NOT have been one of those.  I’ve tried to offer unique content that deals with many aspects of frugal living in Omaha.  I’ve not posted the zillions of coupons that can be found on most of those cookie-cutter sites.  However, in order to play with the big girls there is a ton of work involved, and it just doesn’t work for this blogger.

More than anything, I write this blog to share my experiences, bargains and thoughts on frugal living.  I really want to write about what’s important to me, because I think it might be important to you, too.  So I hope you keep reading, and add this new/old blog to your feed.

Thanks to all of you for your support, especially Dawn. 😀