2012 Menu Planning: 9/9/ – 9/15/2012

A train wreck.  That pretty much describes trying to put things together these days.  I know where the problem lies; however, not much can be done about it.  Menu Planning is my best attempt to thwart the forces of evil in this regard.

This is the week things are supposed to normalize.  Ha!  We’ve got events, performances (announced at the last minute), contractors finishing up, and everyday chaos.  So I’ve planned my menus for ease of use.  Basically, I’ve gone to things that are either make-ahead, or that can be pulled together quickly, yet still maintain nutritional value.  I went for variety this week, too.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus.

Sunday:  We had a huge lunch out, so we had homemade birthday cake for dinner.  Really.  About $1.50.

Monday:  Crock Pot cheesy chicken with bacon (trying the new Progresso Recipe Starters) (chicken 1.33/#, bacon ~.75, sauce stuff .78), brown rice (.40), salads (.40).  About $4.35.  Also making Bacon-Wrapped Chicken for the freezer.

Tuesday:  Turkey enchilada pie (ground turkey 1.99, tomatoes and spices .60, cheese .60, tortillas .89), leftover rice (.40).  About $4.50.

Wednesday:  Lasagne from the freezer (~$4), salads (.40).  About $4.50.

Thursday:  Just 3:  sauteed pollock (1.39/#), peas & carrots (.69), diced potatoes (.40).  About $3.20.

Friday:  Frozen breadsticks (.78), spaghetti (.49), meatballs and sauce from the freezer (1.98), green beans (.34).  About $3.65.

Saturday:  Oktoberfest: awesome food at the German American Society.

These 5 home dinners for my family will cost about $20.20. I would like to stop the eating out, the weekend fast food runs by DH, and the extra stuff like cake.  I’ll keep trying, but it’s like trying to stop a train.

What’s on your menu? Leave us a comment!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.

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