2012 Menu Planning: 8/26 – 9/1/12

This week I hope to cook fresh a little more.  Last week I totally stuck to the menu (which doesn’t happen often), but it was mostly freezer stuff.  That was planned based on what I was told my work schedule would be, but that turned out to be false after all.  I put 3 Beantastic taco filling and 1 Chicken Parm in the freezer, and ate leftovers for lunches.

This week I have planned some yummy meals with flavors we like, and textures we need for comfort.   Life’s been nutty lately, so comfort in meals is a nice little bonus.  I do have a freezer meal in there for one hectic night (mostly for easy cleanup).  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Out to Fazoli’s because we were out and about.  Another budget.

Monday:  Chicken, rice and broccoli casserole from the freezer (~3.50), green salads (.40).  About $3.90.

Tuesday:  Crock Pot BBQ pork ($3 for the meal, $3 for the freezer), cole slaw (.30), hot potato salad (potatoes .50, green onion .25, bacon .60, mayo .25, cheddar .25).  About $5.25.

Wednesday:  Bacon cheese chicken (chicken 1.40, toppings $1), corn (.30), green salad (.40).  About $3.10.

Thursday:  Mini meatloaves (ground beef 1.88, egg .07, bread crumbs ~.10), more hot potato salad (~1.80), green beans (.30).  About $4.25.

Friday:  Breakfast for dinner: eggs .50, toast ~.40, bacon $2, whatever fruit is left over or canned (.91).  About $4.00.

Saturday:  Lasagne (~$4 per MasterCook), salads (.40).  About $4.50.

These dinners for my family of four will cost about $25.00.  Doing well. I’ll be putting bbq pork in the freezer, along with a lasagne, and possibly some mini meatloaves.  Those meals are not included in this total.

What’s on your menu? Leave us a comment!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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