2012 Menu Planning: 8/19 – 8/25/12

Another absolutely crazy week here!  Monday 5 major meetings and we’re scattered in 3 directions — seriously.  Most of the week I’m working, but the end of the week brings a little relief.  Thank goodness for my menu planning!

This week it’s all about fast and simple.  Normally I don’t cook much on Sunday, but the chicken was slow roasted and the rice and peas were nuked, so that was easy.  The rest of the week falls in line, too.  Love when the easy meets up with the frugal.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week.

Sunday:  Slow roasted chicken (2.99 with leftovers for 2 lunches!), rice (.20), peas (.66).  About 3.90.

Monday:  Pot roast meal with potatoes, carrots, celery (3.96), homemade biscuits (.50).  About $4.50.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti (.50) with meatballs (1.98), salads (.40).  About $3.00.

Wednesday:  Roast split chicken breasts (.88/#) already a change: pan-grilled seasoned chicken breasts (1.99), potatoes for 2 (.30), twice-baked potatoes from the freezer for 2 ($.50), veg (.69).  About $3.25.

Thursday:  Tacos (meat 1.88, refried beans .50, seasoning .20) on soft tortillas (.60) with lettuce (.30) and cheese (.50).  About $4.00.

Friday:  Fish (1.39/#) with Kraft chili lime Fresh Take (half of 1.25), mac and cheese from the freezer (mac .91, cheese free), salads (.40).  About $4.00.

Saturday:  Chicken Parmesan (chicken 1.38/#, breadcrumbs .20, egg .08, Parm .20, moz .40), garlicky breen beans (.45), possibly leftover spaghetti.  About $3.40.

And maybe, if I pray real hard, the dust might just start to settle next week.  We might sink into our routines, and things will flow like “normal.”


These dinners for my family of four will cost about $26.00.  Not a meal over $5!  Awesome.  More fresh meals next week, not so much from the freezer.  (Of course, that all depends on the schedule!  But right now it looks good.)  I’m also making extra modified Beantastic taco filling, fish nuggets and chicken Parm for the freezer.

What’s on your menu? Leave us a comment!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.



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