Hiring A Contractor: Check With Your Insurance Company

“Woe to me.” We have some pretty minor, but pretty important siding repair to be done around our chimney chase.  Last time it rained heavily — what, June? — it dripped two stories down into the family room fireplace.  A few weeks ago I was in the attic doing some ductwork investigation, and saw slits of sunlight coming in right at the flue area.  Yup, I know what that means, even without going on the roof.

A few years ago, we had a great crew out here to replace thousands of dollars of siding (odd angle cuts, additional work, too), so I called them for a quote.  After several phone calls and a blown off estimate appointment, I was at a loss.  Last time we had difficulty finding a contractor, too.

I just happened to get an email from our homeowner’s insurance provider, touting a new contractor referral service.  So I went through them online, got hooked up with a contractor, and scheduled an appointment by the end of the day!  He explained to me that he already is a preferred contractor for this insurance company (of which he is also a customer) for claims, but is really glad they have the non-claim referral system now.  He said that other insurance companies he does claim work for are also adding this service for their customers.

A quick explanation of the issue, including the fact that I have leftover paint that is still good from a few years back, was met with interest, not impatience.  We have an appointment for Monday morning.

So, if you’re in need of a reliable contractor, contact your insurance company and see if they have this service.  Or see who they would recommend if there was a claim.  Usually, if the insurance company trusts them, they’ll provide good service.  But you still have to do your own homework, which is what I’m doing.

More on this project later.


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