$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 30

I made a bunch of stops on separate trips this week, which is not likely to happen again soon.  I was all over running errands, and figured grocery stops into those.  Too busy this time of year for my liking.  Next week I’ll be lucky to stop at all!

But for the here and now, I got loss leaders, necessities, and used a rain check since I was there.  I didn’t get everything on my list yet, because I was UBER distracted, and because things got added after my primary run.  Anywho, here’s what I got:

Bag N Save:  Pork roast 1.69/# special, lots of Totino’s for BTS snacks, lots of GM cereals 1.38 or less.  Bag Romaine .99, gallon milk 2.82 (3.32 – .50 coupon), bacon, sirloins for date night dinner, and onions.  Sliced muenster and provolone 2.24.  Total for food $48.94.

Walgreen’s:  Eggs .99/dozen.  Total for food $2.97.

HyVee:  What a nightmare at checkout!  Will have to be a terrific deal to get me back there soon.  Used the .99 coupons to get more eggs, cereal, sugar, cheese, ice cream and .49 buns.  Also used my sherbet rain check for $1.  Got FREE Pepsi at the checkout.  Total for food $6.44.

Total for food this week: $59.35, which puts my monthly total just for food at $59.35! 

Score on the pork roast, cereals, and loss leaders!  I’ve had kids with me (= distraction) and haven’t been able to really look for deals.  Maybe this weekend.  But these purchases add to my stashes in freezers and pantries, and set me up for a while. Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.

Share your bargains and link up to your savings.  I still haven’t selected a linky service to use, so post in the comments below!


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