$350 Per Month — July Recap

So I took advantage of a couple extra days to fill in my pantries and pick up some donations for Project Hope.  Here’s what I got:

Baker’s:  An unexpected trip b/c HV had a power outage and I needed milk.  Also got frozen pizzas for the guys.  Total for food $14.77.

Bag N Save:  Yogurts 3/$1, deli ham 3.99/#, Tyson grilled chicken breast pieces (to replace chicken nuggets) 2.97 – $1 insert coupon = 1.97.  Provolone slices 2.99, Swiss 3.49, go figure.  Fruit cocktails 1.09, Old Orch juices 1.49, apples and bananas.  Total for food $46.50.  (I have to say that my cashier was attitudinal, and was being watched.  He rang only 2 bag credits, didn’t look me in the eye, and squished everything he could into 2-ton bags.  I also see some mis-ring items, but that’s my bad b/c I had to run to the ATM.  I didn’t have to say, “Wow, really?” like I was going to, b/c the manager’s glare said it all.)

HyVee:  Power back on!  Milks no longer on sale 😦 . 1.77/# ground beef chubs, pears.  Total for food $14.93.

This puts my monthly total just for food at $328.14!  So glad I was able to swing back and get more for the stash.  The hot dry weather was making me think of my kitchen as a drought zone, too.  Now we have fruit for a while, stuff for BTS, and a comfortable plan for low-fat eating.

Donations toProject Hope this month totalled $10.68, bringing my revised grocery total to $338.82.  Hey!  That’s right below where I budgeted!  I Thrill myself with my spending.

Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.

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