$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 29 — The Slow Week

It was a slow week.  A weak week, if you will.  I did grocery runs between other errands, and it all seemed relaxed, yet a little incomplete.  I’ll hit a few additional sales before the end of July and post a monthly run-down later.  But for last week, here’s what I got:

Target:  Hebrew National beef franks 1.99, Starkist pouches .57, Market Pantry lunchmeat tubs 1.49 each for 2 (1.99 – $1/2).  Total for food $8.10.

HyVee:  Sunbelt granola bars 1.17 (1.67 – $1/2), sherbet $1 (limited flavors; got rain check earlier, saving it for when the good stuff is restocked), Roberts half gallons .88.  Total for food $8.38.

Aldi:  Whole wheat bread 1.69, grapes 2.88, strawberries 1.49 (in good shape), cuke .35, shrooms .79, green peppers .99, tortillas .99, sour cream, potatoes, apple juice, tortilla chips for dinner, grahams.  Total for food $18.82.

Bag N Save:  Boneless skinless chicken breasts 1.38/#, fries 1.59, lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, burger buns.  Season salt .99, and a find: single packets onion soup mix .36.  Our Fam green chiles .79 and refried beans .99.  Total for food $18.94.

Total for food this week: $54.24, which puts my monthly total just for food at $251.94!  There are a few days left in this month, and I will take advantage and grab some deals, as well as some canned goods for Project Hope.  I didn’t buy much milk this week; I had lots left over from the sale last week, but we are low now, and there are a couple days left of a sale.

It feels good to be able to feed my family for decent prices.  I post these deals to keep myself accountable, and to hopefully inspire you, dear readers, to get out there and grab some awesome deals for your households.  Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.

Share your bargains and link up to your savings.  I still haven’t selected a linky service to use, so post in the comments below!


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