$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 28: Link Up!

What a fast week!  Trying to keep cool in this 100-degree heat, though, is a full-time effort.  In-between my home projects (a little this and a little that), working out inside, and planning for future days, I fit in a little grocery shopping.  Here’s what I got.

HyVee:  Nuthin.  They were completely, utterly sold out of the $1 sherbet.  Got a rain check.

Bag N Save:  Bags of bl/sl chicken 4.77, Banquet family size meatballs and sauce 1.23 each, Roberts lemonade .69, Sunbelt cereals 1.69, Planters peanut butter, Milky Way bars .29 each, bakery cheesecake for dessert treat .99, loaf apple crisp bread .99.  Nice bouquets of mixed flowers were 1.99 — how could I not?  Total for food $28.13.

Aldi:  I found 6″ sunflower pots for just .79!  I had to give them a couple good soakings and pick off some decayed leaves, but there are new buds already, and they will look awesome in my front flower bed!  I got mostly paper goods this week, but also some cheese and lunchmeat, and chocolate.  Total for food $6.77.  Milk price check $2.83 on 7/19.

Baker’s:  Half gallon milks $1 (got more before the sale ended).  Apples 3.99, lettuce 1.49 (should have waited a day), and some reimbursable stuff for #1.  Trip 2:  Banquet turkey sausage links .74, Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread 1.99, Dannon yogurts .29, Sunny D .99, cabbage, bananas, light bulbs $1, and Colgate toothpaste .49.  And the LunchBlox kits!  Total for food $20.24.

Total for food this week: $55.14, which puts my monthly total just for food at $197.70!  I’m so far under budget, it’s scaring me.  Seriously.  I think next week I’m going to get hit hard.  We have family coming in for a wedding, and that almost always means special food.  I also anticipate more opportunities to stock up for the coming months.

Soon it will be BTS, and for us that means freezer cooking, lunches, and more regular family meals.  This summer we’ve had four whole weeks of only three of us at home, some vacas, evenings with one or two gone, and several weeks of detasseling frenzy that plays real havoc with the eating.  I’ve been working on and off this summer, but hope to have a steady schedule come next week.  After next weekend’s activity (and the end of the farm work season), we’ll settle back into a regular routine and that will give me a better idea of what my expenses will be like come mid-August.  But I’m already stocking up my freezer.  Still looking for a slammin’ deal on peanut butter!

Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.

Starting this week I’d like readers to link up to their savings.  I’m still debating which linky service to use, but still want to get this party started.  Share your savings and/or link in the comments below!


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