FREE Binders at Staples Thru 7/21/12

We went to Staples yesterday, and walked out with several FREE binders!  Here’s the deal that you can cash in on, too.

Through Saturday 7/21, Staples, 78/Dodge, has a “Recycle Your Old Binder” promotion.  If you’ve kept binders over the years, this is a great way to replace them.  We gathered up some pretty old (and I mean ooold) ones, took them in, got instant $2 credit per binder for new ones.

There are several binders available for 1.99.  There are even bargain $1 binders, and the extra $1 can be applied to another item added to your purchase (they have filler paper for .99).  FREE binders!  FREE filler paper!

We took in 10 binders in various states of ugliness and disrepair, and walked out with 10 binders (one heavy-duty and regularly $7) and one pack of filler paper, for just $4.71, which included tax.  Had we wanted more of the $1 binders and free paper, we would have been able to walk out with 10 of each for just tax on the paper (.70).

Remember that many organizations will be collecting and distributing BTS items in the next several weeks, and this would be a great way to contribute!



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