$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 27 — Meat Stock-Up Edition

A week of being domestic brought back memories and a sense of peacefulness to my doings.  (Jury duty was cut short.)  I surfed for some new recipes and stopped for groceries here and there on my many outings.  This freedom will be short-lived, though, and I am fully thankful for it.

I was able to get some FREE and Cheap meats, nearly frees, and good milk deals.  All under budget.  I should consider lowering that budget — maybe to $80/week?  Here’s what I got this week.

Bag N Save:  Kellogg’s cereals 1.20; canned fruits for us .91; bread 1.88; corn 1.50; baby carrots (requested by #2!) .91; eggs .91; Farmland Oven Ready pork ribs 1.49.  (The ribs say they serve 4, but come on — they’ll serve two on a party buffet.  So I got a bunch.)  Split chicken breasts .88/#; lunchmeats 1.99; Sunny D .91.  Total for food $38.11.

Baker’s:  Half gallon milks $1; Kraft dressing 1.99 (special request by DH); lemon .50; 2-liter pops .80; lettuces 1.49.  (Also got an awesome close-out deal on some air filters.)  Total for food $13.95.

TargetFREE chicken!  Vinegar and apple cider vinegar .05 each.  Total for food $.10.

HyVee:  More half gallon milks .99; deli ham 1.99/#; Old Orch juice 1.49; Roberts yogurts .42; Banquet meals .69.  (Sadly, the coupons inside did not include ones for more single meals.  I got some good ones, though.)  Total for food $17.79.

Total for food this week: $69.95, which puts my monthly total just for food at $142.56! The ribs and chicken quarters were awesome finds, and the split breasts were a great loss leader.  I still have plenty of produce and now lots of lettuces (mixin’ it up around here).  Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.

Keeping track of donations to Project Hope which I will add to my grocery expense (because that’s where I choose to categorize my FP donation funds), total cash out of pocket this week $15.85 for canned beans, vegs and fruit at Bag N Save, and so far this month $39.04.  Revised monthly grocery total:  $181.6o at the halfway point.

Share your savings in the comments below!


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