$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 26 — MID-YEAR ALREADY!

Ack!  Where did the time go?!  We are halfway through the year already.  Let’s review, shall we?  Record mild winter weather.  Record high spring temps. Sweltering oven of an outdoors in mid-summer.  You didn’t expect this?

Financially, getting through the first half of the year has seen some changes for us.  Including the food budget.  I decided to go monthly with the budget for what I thought were a lot of good reasons.  Next year I’ll be going back to weekly; our pay schedules changed a bit, and weekly will work better for us.  I still take out cash weekly for groceries, and that’s kind of budgeting by default, anyway. I have found some incredible deals, and we ate down the freezer before vaca.  Those two things alone have saved us hundreds this year.  #1 was in Europe for three weeks, and that, too, saved us big money.

My work hours have been blessedly shifted this year to part time, and I’m home at a decent hour in time to do stuff with the kids and make a good dinner.  Usually.  With a few monkey wrenches, I’ve still been able to control the grocery budget!  And here’s what I got this week:

Aldi:  Some much-needed paper goods (not included in total), bananas .44/#, vinegar.  Trip 2 — whole wheat hot dog buns on manager special .50!, grape tomatoes .99, peppers 1.29, shrooms .79, olive oil 2.99, apple juice 1.49, gallon skim milk 2.65 on 7/7, sweet potato chips 1.99 for dinner.  Total for food $19.89.

Baker’s:  Half gallon milks $1, Gatorade for a sick kid, so I’m calling it medicine.  Total for food $4.00.

Bag N Save:  This was my big trip, with big bargains!  Beef ravioli 2.35, 2 Bird’s Eye Voila .79 w/$3 FB coupons, 3 Banquet chicken breast nuggets 1.79/bag, much repackaged 80% ground beef 1.99/#, pork country ribs 1.49/#, gallon skim milk 2.65 mgr special, many Crystal Farms shredded cheeses 1.67 (freezer!), squash and zucchini .99/#,huge Romaine 1.77, 2 Act II popcorn .68, 2 Peter Pan pb 1.99 (okay, not the best price, but I’ve been rationing it out waiting for the next deal), 3 Snack Packs .58 (not too soon to stock up for BTS), minced garlic 2.29, and some non-food.  Total for food $48.72.

Total for food this week: $72.61, which puts my monthly total just for food at $72.61!  Check out my Menu Plans to see how I put these deals together.  Shamefully, scheduling kept me from a longer trip to gather extras for Project Hope.  My goal for next week is to have my wits about me to grab several items for PH.

So Monday starts jury duty, and I’m looking forward to it, but not the crazy evenings.  And, as you know, I have plenty of help in the freezers!  For weekends, I have some grillage items (steaks, ribs, chops, tenderloins, chicken breasts) and lots of sides.  It’s all good, especially at my house.

Share your savings in the comments below!


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