So I Met This Guy at Bag N Save…

Today while shopping at Bag N Save, a man approached me in the meat department.  Not that way.

He said, “Look here at these steaks.”  They were T-bones, and the bones were huge, and there was quite a bit of non-meat in the package. You’d be paying for much more than meat.

“Yes,” I said.  “That’s a pretty big bone.  Need to be careful!”

He shook his head and as he put it back replied, “Back when I was cutting meat, I never would’ve put that out.”  We had quite a nice discussion about meat prices, his career in meat cutting all around Nebraska and Denver, and his twice retiring.  (That makes twice in a week that someone has mentioned the old Food City to me.  It was before my time here.)  We both got the 80% ground beef for $1.99/#.

Naturally, I had to ask where the best meat deals are in Omaha.  “Right here,” he said.  “But you have to be careful.”  Then we went about finishing our shopping.  “You never know who you’re going to meet,” he said.  What a nice gentleman!

And that got me recalling several times that older folks have started conversations with me in the stores. Sometimes it’s because I could see they couldn’t reach the back of the shelf, or dropped something.  Sometimes it’s because they had a question (or comment), and no one else was around.  Okay.  I’d much rather interrupt my shopping for this, or to help a lady understand how she’ll cut up a bargain ham, than to stop every five minutes to reply, “No, I’m good,” to passing “helpful” clerks.  I have learned so much from the Joes and Janes who’ve seen so much in Omaha grocery history (not to mention life in general).

But recent discussions have me thinking something is in the wind.  It happens like this sometimes.  I guess we’ll see.


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