2012 Menu Planning: 7/1 – 7/7/12

I start the week with some pretty reasonably-priced meals.  Then the holiday hits, and The Unknown.  I’m guessing on the worst-case costs for Friday and Saturday, because I want to take advantage of fresh produce and sales.

So I was so busy planning what to make next week when I have jury duty, that I forgot to plan this week!  Typical of me.  I have a partial plan — does that count?  Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Sunday:  Leftover frozen/Foodsavered burgers and leftover chicken breast (counting as $0 because already accounted for) made into tacos with seasoning (.39), tortillas (6 = .94), cheese (.50), and rice (.40), plus green salad (.30).  About $2.55.

Monday:  Pasta (.78) with Italian herb and cheese cooking creme (1.45) and fresh basil from my garden (seeds were a gift), and garlicky green beans (.50).  About $2.75.

Tuesday:  Shanghai Chicken Meatballs (~$1), peppers ($1) with onions, ginger and garlic (and some mushrooms if they make it) (~.40), and rice (.40).  About $2.80.

Wednesday:  Possible grillage of:  pork chops (2.95), potato salad (FREE), tomatoes (.25) and salads (.30).  OR (depending on a certain activity) pan-grilled hot dogs (.77) on buns (.79) with potato salad (FREE), tomatoes (.25) and salads (.30).  Oh, and red-white-blue cupcakes (sorry, no flag cake this year) (~.20 each).  About $4.55 at the highest for the dinner.

Thursday:  (Possibly leftover grilled) chicken breasts (.88/#), corn (.50), tomatoes (.25).  About $3.00, and maybe some leftover cupcakes.

Friday:  I have no clue yet.  Maybe something from the new grocery ad deals.  About $5.00.

Saturday:  (Possibly grilled) pork tenderloin ($3.50) with fresh herbs and garlic, potatoes (.40), fresh veg of some sort (~$1).  About $5.00.

These dinners for my family will cost about $25.65.  I’m doing pretty well this summer with the food budget.  I’ve enforced less than a gallon a day milk consumption, which has helped.  And filtered water is really good for us.  Many of my meal costs actually include leftovers for lunches (and tacos), because our appetites are a little fickle in the hot weather.

What’s on your menu?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


2 thoughts on “2012 Menu Planning: 7/1 – 7/7/12

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! The candles is a great idea! We do need to make it special. It’s easy to just do easy with a new baby. Your Shanghai Meatballs look awesome! I may try those for next week. Thanks again!


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