$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 25 and June Recap

Interesting week in Omaha grocery.  No Frills and Bag N Save running the same ad deals.  Not the meat deals expected, that usually run right before summer holidays.  Produce in the stores iffy, at best.

Regarding NF and BnS:  Nash Finch is a grocery distributor that owns several grocery stores and chains.  When a distributor acquires a retailer, typically, it is so they can control the inventory in the retail outlet with their distribution  inventory.  Now, Nash Finch is an awesome contributor to local food banks, and that is certainly appreciated and worth restating!  Still, if you know the whole story, it’s easier to understand the local grocery scene.

The best meat buys this week were hot dogs, and the .77  price has been better.  I found some Hormel pork tenderloins marked down ~ $4.50 each (and used several $1 insert and printable coupons to stock up).  In recent weeks we saw great deals on split chicken breasts, though.

Produce in the stores looked a little weak and floppy to me this week.  I used what we had from last week, and the apples in the fridge were still quite good.  Here’s hoping the local suppliers have more this week after the rains.  This heat wave sure doesn’t help.

Aldi:  Gallon skim milks 2.38, sweet potato fries 1.89, pretzels, bread hot dog buns .79, cake mix for 4th of July cupcakes .99.  Total for food $22.32.

Bag N Save:  Trip 1 = 1.67 potato chips for potluck and one for us.  Trip 2 = potatoes, coffee 5.88, apple juices, hot dogs .77, Azteca Ultragrain tortillas 1.49 with coupon, butter 1.98, Kraft American cheese .98, sour cream .48, and potato salad FREE with coupons.  Total for food $27.42.

HyVee:  Eggs .99, bbq sauce .25, Bomb Pops 1.50, thick cut pork chops 5.90 total (two dinners, easy), and huge tenderloin deals.  Total for food $24.35.

No Frills:  FREE Highland Roberts ice cream, Sweet Moments treats .78.

Target:  Brown rice .79, Hillshire Farms deli meat 2.44.  Total for food $6.46.

Total for food this week: $81.33, which puts my monthly total just for food at $270.43!  AND I’ve been able to fill the upright freezer about halfway, with meals, meats and other ingredients.  Plus my pantries are full enough for me to pull some extras for Project Hope.

Going forward, I have chicken, pork and a package of burgers, as well as prepared meals.  I also have enough pasta and sauce to last a good long while, and enough vegs to wait for local produce to spruce up again.

Keeping track of donations to Project Hope which I will add to my grocery expense (because that’s where I choose to categorize my donation funds), total cash out of pocket this week $1, and so far this month $23.19.  Revised monthly total:  $293.62.  That’s 16% below budget!

Share your savings in the comments below!


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