What is Cheap Thrills Making Today?

So much chicken — STILL!  This seems to be the most affordable protein (besides eggs, which are also silly Cheap) these days.  Today CT is making a variety of chicken dishes for the freezer, as well as some veg family favorites.

On Wednesday we grilled, and I tossed a half chicken on the grill while we ate dinner (1.49).  I’ll pick that meat to make Creamy Chicken Enchiladas.  The cheese was .75, tortillas .99, and the ench sauce was .38.  This will make a meal for four plus lunch leftovers.  I’ll serve with a green salad.

Pacific Chicken is a Crock Pot dish we haven’t had in a while.  All the stars must align for the ingredients to be affordable at the same time.  Today is the day!  Tri-color peppers ~.$1, onion .25, chicken stock on the pantry for months, pineapple .89 off-season, nearly free condiments.  I serve this over brown rice for a complete meal.

One of our family favorites is Bacon-Wrapped Chicken, and we have it often.  It’s imperative that these be made ahead, because I just can’t do this all in a crazy evening at Chez CT.  Stuffed with cream cheese .44, and shredded pepper jack .30, wrapped in bacon 1.45.  Will serve with a green veg and the potatoes below.

A recent deal on Gold N Plump ground chicken (~.75) leads me to Shanghai Chicken Meatballs, which I have made before, but sadly only last one meal with no leftovers.  Green onions and refrigerator staples go into these.  They’ll stay in the freezer till I think of a great meal to put together.

Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes are definitely a family fave, but I have to make them in bulk to make it worth the effort.  These are about $1 per batch of four.  Go to side dish!

Another favorite, labor intensive, but great when ingredients are Cheap, is  Stuffed Shells.  I’ll make as many as I have shells for (a couple of opened boxes left over), and may use the ingredients with other pasta on the shelf for a surprise casserole — who knows?  Shells were .99/box, but there’s only 2/3 box total, pasta sauce .54, cheeses about $1.50 total, and an egg .07.

Wow, that’s a lot!  I’d better get cookin’.

UPDATE:  Three hours later, and I’m done!  6 meals and 2 sides in the freezer.  Dishwasher running, and the kitchen is clean.  Aaahh.  Next!


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