The $35 Bargain

Ain’t she a beaut!  We recently had neighborhood garage sales, and while we didn’t sell this year, we did pick up some great bargains from our neighbors.  Here’s my find of the month!

It’s a Bissell ProHeat 2X, and I got her for just $35!  The former owner had used her “twice,” and I believe that.  Except that she was put away filthy, and was a real mess.  I’ll spare you the details.  We discussed why the owner was selling, and I was convinced she wasn’t damaged beyond cleaning.

This model has a built-in hand attachment (which I’ve not tried yet), a water tank heater, and a really-easy-to-lift water tank that serves as clean water supply and dirty water reservoir (thanks to a bladder system).  She moves like an upright vacuum, designed for women.  Lots of brushes, wide suction base.

I was hesitant to buy, because the seller didn’t have a manual, and I didn’t know market value.  I was able to go home and find a manual online, and discover the going marked-down new cost was upwards of $120 online and locally.  So we went back, and the seller also gave us several bottles of unused cleaning product.  Wow — that alone was more than $35.

Honestly, she was a bear to clean, and disgusting.  But I was willing.  Remember, I’d just spent real big bucks in March to rent a cleaner.  And I did a great job fixing up Robbie Roomba that I got off Freecycle a few years back (he’s still running).  I figured this way I can do it on my schedule, without the hassle and extra cost.  And I can keep Ms. Bissell in the basement storage area easily.

So with my guys gone, I set her up and started scrubbing the heaviest traffic area of my carpet.  Ms. Bissell is awesome!  On recently-scrubbed carpet, Ms. B got up more dirt than the rental, which showed in the dirty water reservoir.  She’s much lighter and easier to use than the rental, and I’m really pleased with the results.  She cleans up easily (much more easily than when I first got her), and just takes a while for all the parts to dry; nothing a few pipe cleaners can’t get.

What this cleaning experience tells me is two things.  One, my carpets are in horrible need of replacement.  Two, the home use machine is better than the rental (which I thought was great).  Maybe it’s the cleaning solution, or the heated water, but it’s better.  So while we build funds for replacement, I can keep the carpets clean on the Cheap.

This is one of my best garage sale finds lately.  We also got a gently used, undamaged Coleman tent for $25 (DH checked it out really well).  #2 got a skateboard for $2, and I found a box of tile for replacements (not made anymore, but matches exactly) for $1.

If you can’t find an awesome deal like I did, and you’re looking for a smaller, everyday version of a Bissell, try this coupon for $20 off!  The Steam and Sweep retails new at Walmart for $115, so it’d be $95 without a sale; but look for the sale!


4 thoughts on “The $35 Bargain

  1. i bought one brand new off someone on craigslist about 3 yrs ago.. never had been used was still all in the box and packaged. paid 60 for it and it is the best thing ever… you will truly love using it… if you have carpet that isnt can use oxy clean in it instead of the expensive cleaners that it normally uses… i also one and a while through in some liquid fragrance when im steaming just to make the house smell nicer…


    • Thanks, Robin. I’ll have to try a different cleaner, after I get through the stuff the seller gave me. Looking for coupons and deals, too.


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