$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 23: Refilling the Freezer

It was time to stock back up after vaca.  And take advantage of No Frills’ double coupons.  And get some loss leaders.  I made two big grocery sweeps this week; one on Tuesday, and one on Friday.  On Tuesday, I grabbed some items for a dinner guest (great visit).  On Friday, I also got stuff to prepare freezer meals for next month (jury duty).  So pretty much two weeks worth of shopping.  Here’s what I got:

Baker’s:  Trip 1 — Coke $1, eggs .88, awesome giant tubs of cookie icing for .99.  Trip 2 — Kellogg’s cereals as low as 1.38 (got 10), brown rice .79, bananas .44/#.  Total for food $25.22.

Aldi:  Trip 1 — Skim milks 2.47, tortilla chips, salsa, burgers, strawberries .99.  Trip 2 — Sauerkraut .65, onions, can pineapple, croutons .99, bunch of dairy, bacon, huge pkg Roma tomatoes 1.29, sourdough pretzels .99.  Total for food $39.79.  Special shout out to my fave cashier — thanks for bringing your baby over for me to meet; he’s a doll!

Bag N Save;  Trip 1 — half gallon milk and romaine lettuce.  Trip 2 — Our Fam ice creams 1.99, Hillshire deli cuts meat 2.95, green onions, grahams $2.  Total for food $16.54.

No Frills:  I did well with double coupons; read my post HERE.  Total for food $10.04.

Target:  Alexia sweet potato fries 1.99 each.  Total for food $3.98.

HyVee:  Country Hearth bread .44, Ball Park frozen burgers 4.99, bag chicken breasts 3.99, Roberts milk 1.49, broccoli .34 (mis-ring, just noticed), mushrooms .88, grapes .38.  Total for food $16.04.


Total for food this week: $111.61, which puts my monthly total just for food at $111.61.  Since it’s mid-month, I’m well below budget!  The freezer is starting to fill again, with some real deals.  And today I’m making several chicken freezer meals, including some recipes we haven’t seen in a while and some family favorites.  Next week it’s another meat category.  In a few weeks I have jury duty, and that means getting home much later than normal.  Having dinner planned and ready will be terrific.  Any extras will still get eaten!  Maybe I’ll get back in the habit of making freezer meals regularly.

Keeping track of donations to Project Hope which I will add to my grocery expense (because that’s where I choose to categorize my donation funds), total so far this month $10.59.


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