Yay! The Freezer Plan Worked!

So last weekend we headed down to Kansas City for the weekend.  Since we were going for four days in the heat of summer, and I have lived through discovering a dead freezer loaded with meat (ugh!), my goal was to eat down most of the basement upright freezer, and stash the rest in the side-by-side in the kitchen.


Well, all except for three packages of Gold N Plump chicken, which were delivered to Project Hope before we left.  And since our power didn’t go out (I heard it did in some areas of Omaha), we were golden.

I was able to defrost the upright while we were gone, and now have the dubious joy of replenishing the freezer.  Read how I’ve done it in the past.

You’ve Eaten Down Your Freezer — Now What?!

Replenishing Your Freezer — The Tools

Replenishing Your Freezer and Pantry — What to Buy?

So I start an endeavor to find FREE or very Cheap items to stock the freezer.  It’s not that hard.  I’ll start by tossing half-filled jugs of water in the freezer, as well as some of the frozen items from upstairs, and fill from there, with only the best deals.  We’ll see what the summer’s sales bring, what treasures I find to stash away for later use.  And sooner than I know it, the time will be here to stock ready-made meals for fall.





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