$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 22 — The $0 Edition

First week of June, incredible produce, double coupons, and I missed it all.  Since I was trying to eat down the things we had, I didn’t get anything before we left.  Not even more milk, which would have been nice, but I resisted.  This is a new week, and I’ll be going to the last day of doubles and PMing my way to happiness tomorrow.

Total this week: $0, which puts my monthly total just for food at $0.   For transparency, since we were on vaca, all our food expense came out of the vacation budget.  (It was ALOT!  But we also got refunded one night of the hotel, so that paid for several meals.)

My quest for the next several weeks is to find FREE and Cheap items to refill the freezer, and to prepare make-ahead meals for my return to work AND my upcoming jury duty.  (Yeah, coming back from vacation is awesome.)   So follow along, boys and girls, and join me on a frugal journey toward healthy eating….


2 thoughts on “$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 22 — The $0 Edition

  1. We price matched at No Frills w/ double coupons and liked the end price for: Tide (BagNSave for $4.67) – $1/1 coupon doubled to $1.55/1 = $3.12 ; All (Bakers for $2.99) – $1/1 coupon doubled to $1.55/1 = 1.44 . Thanks for all of the great pointers and match-ups!


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