2012 Menu Planning: 6/10 – 6/16/12

The freezer is defrosted, scrubbed, and drying out.  Can’t wait to get it reorganized, and start filling it with two things:  FREE and Cheap dinners for us, and FREE and Cheap donations for Project Hope.  Now that I know I can take frozen items, I will take advantage of sales without worrying about being able to use up the food (it will certainly get used).

Coming back from a 4-day vaca to Kansas City, I’m thinking I’ll be a little slowish getting back into the routine.  “Summertiiiiiime, and the livin’ is eeeeeeeeasy.”  Alas, I will return to the workaday world next week, so I’m enjoying every bit of this.  I’m taking advantage of planned-overs for later in the week.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menus.  What’s on your table?

Sunday:  Out in KC, maybe some bbq!  Vacation budget.

Monday:  Out on the way home, maybe some takeout.  Vacation budget.

Tuesday:  Sweet Salsa Dump Chicken (chicken $1.45, preserves FREE leftover from campout, taco seasoning ~.15, picante sauce ~.65), rice (.30), green salads (.30).  About $2.90.

Wednesday:  Marinated pork tenderloin (4.98), noodles (.45), green beans (.34).  About $5.80, with leftovers for lunch.  already a major change!  A guest for grillage dinner.  Brats and burgers as requested.  Trying to come in under $6.

Thursday:  Grilled steaks (4.79), potatoes (.40), salads (.40).  About $5.60 with steak leftover for Friday.

Friday:   Beef (leftover) fajitas (extras ~$1), green salad (.20).  About $1.50.

Saturday:  Chicken (leftover) salad (.25), cheese (.25) quesadilla (.20).  About .75.

These dinners for those at the table (varies this week) will cost about $16.55, which includes a steak dinner thanks to an awesome grocery deal.  There will be leftovers, and they will go in the beef fajitas.  The Sweet Salsa Dump Chicken is quite good, and those leftovers go well atop a summertime big salad.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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