$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 21 — May Recap

I really had to restrain myself this week.  So many deals, so little room! I’m still on target with moving my basement freezer stuffs to the upstairs before vaca, and we’re breezing through thanks to the menus I planned.

I also started taking out my donations for Project Hope, so the food totals will be more accurate, and we’ll avoid those questions about how much I’m really spending on groceries for us.

Bag N Save:  Country Hearth 1.44/loaf.  Also got some detergent at 1.77 each, and toothpaste/toothbrush combos from the dollar aisle for Project Hope (thanks, Pastor!).  Total for food $2.88.

Super Saver:  I didn’t PM here, just got the SS deals.  Planter’s pb (much needed!) 1.18 each; Pringles for various outings .86 each; Kraft cheese deals; LoL milks 2.58.  Jolly Time popcorn (many) .48 each.  Total for food $21.85.

No Frills:  Cereals; Quaker Chewy; deli turkey breast; one apple juice for us and 4 for Project Hope; and the Deal of the Day was Kozy Shack rice pudding for .78 — yum!  Total for food $14.26.

Aldi:  Produce and baking soda.  That was all, really.  Total for food $2.47.

Total this week: $41.46, which puts my monthly total just for food at $305.40. This still allowed me to gather substantial donations for the food pantry.

A special thanks to Dawn, for donating several bags of personal care items and food for Project Hope!  I know they will really appreciate it.  Just passing along her frees, mostly Walgreen’s deals, Dawn is helping many folks in North Omaha.

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