2012 Menu Planning: 5/27 – 6/2/12

First full week of “summer” for us!  TONS going on, and fewer people at my table.  Like most, we’ve had record heat here, and it promises to be a hot, hot summer.

We start with easy Crock Pot, then move on to grillage and using up freezer stash. Later we have some single meals, and there’s even a pizza farewell night in there.

I hope to move the contents of the entire basement freezer to the kitchen before our vaca, and that’s looking promising.  That basement one needs a good defrosting and deep cleaning.  I’ll start to refill it late June, I’m thinking, but only as truly awesome deals appear.  And if I can keep those in the upstairs one for a while, I’ll save on the energy to run the upright.  This is taking reverse thinking for me, but I’m getting there.

Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Crock Pot bbq chicken breasts (.49 for 6 breasts, half are leftover), cole slaw (.40), garlic toast (FREE).  About $1.00.

Memorial Day Monday:  Grilled burgers (.99), brats ($2), tomato/zuchinni salad (.75), corn (.90).  Sugar free Bomb Pops for dessert (.99).  About $5.75.

Tuesday:  Pizzas with coupon ($8.50), salads (.40), cookie dough (FREE).  About $9.00.  (Cost adjusted for plenty of lunch leftovers.)

Wednesday:  Pork filets ($3), potatoes (.50), carrots (.25).  About $4.00.

Thursday:  Pan-grilled boneless chicken breasts (1.75), rice (.30), salads (.30).  About $2.50.

Friday:  Veggie-topped pizza ($1), salad (.20).  About $1.25.

Saturday:  Fish filet (1.25), rice (.20), vegs tbd (~.25).  About $2.00.

These dinners for the four of us will cost about $25.50, including take and bake pizza and a few smaller meals.  The chicken is still from the bargain purchases from March.  The cookie dough is a birthday freebie.  The garlic toast was made from FREE bread, sprinkled with garlic salt and popped in the oven quickly.

btw, last week we had pizza from a place new to us.  I had a free Daily Deal to use, but it still cost us a bundle.  $14 for two pizzas the size of a dinner plate.  Not much pizza, and it was, frankly, greasy.  It was interesting to try something different.  I’ll stick with Papa Murphy’s, though, for my family’s taste.

What does your menu look like?

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.

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