$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 20 — Easy-Peasy Edition

I’m all about the easy-peasy these days.  There is SO much going on, and SO many details to keep track of with the guys’ schedules (including last minute changes and inclusions which are intrusions), that I just have to keep it simple.

So, this week I went to my two staple stores: Aldi and Bag N Save.  No extra deal-doing.  No popping into other stores (who had the time this week?).  Just the basics.

Aldi:  Milks 2.29 on 5/16.  Chocolate price check: 1.49 for the big dark bar.  The usual suspects: crackers, cereal, bread.  Strawberries .99, zucchini 1.59 for 3 medium, vine tomatoes .99.  Total for food $22.46.

Bag N Save:  Their weekly grocery ad is driving me nuts.  There are usually coupons in the home delivery ad, but they aren’t reflected online.  This week I got flour tortillas 1.89, family pack griller steaks 4.79 (for two meals), 5# russets .99, 4# sugar 1.49, Ragu .97, 16 oz sour cream 1.97, wheat bread .99, 64 oz Old Orchard juice 1.19, big bunch bananas .66 and a few little items.  Total for food $22.50.

Total this week: $44.96, which puts my monthly total just for food at $171.95.  With 11 more days this month, I’m sittin’ pretty with my food budget.  Leaves more for donations!  It’s good to be Queen — of my budget!

What I have for the coming weeks:  Lots for grilling!  And I hope to be doing that this week.  Nice supply of canned vegs, pastas and rice to go with the meats.  We ate all the fish we had, but since #2 is working on his fishing merit badge, we may be having some this evening.  Lunches will be at home from here out, and I have stuff for quick hot lunches.  Yum.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.  They list how much each dinner costs, which is usually less than $5 for dinner for four.


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