2012 Menu Planning: 5/13 – 5/19/12

Aah, the end is near.  School is almost out, and this assignment is almost over.  Comfortable, welcome changes of spring/summer.  And we’re planning, and we’re planning…

This week’s menus rely on what we’ve got in the way of leftovers, fresh cheap produce, and freezer stuff to use up.  The goal is to have everything out of the basement freezer and packed into the smaller upstairs freezer, before we vaca.  Then there’ll be enough for about a week for three of us, until I can get back into the replenishing groove.  So!  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday/Mother’s Day:  Omaha Steaks steaks, burgers and dogs (FREE), baked potato casserole (~$1), broccoli slaw (.75).  (Switched from Saturday due to scheduling.)  About $1.75.

Monday:  Leftover chicken (I’m guessing about $1 not calculated in other meals), peppers (1.59), onion (.25) with tortillas (.50).  About $3.40.

Tuesday:  Fish (2.24), green beans (.34), salads (.40).  About $3.00.

Wednesday:  Flat iron steak (2.47) on big salads ($1), oven steak cut potatoes (.75).  About $4.25.

Thursday:  Chicken (1.25) taco casserole (~ 1.50), small salads (.40).  About $3.20.

Friday:  Cheese ($1) quiche (~ .30) with Push In Pie Crust (~ .30).  About $1.60.

Saturday:  Pork dish tbd

These dinners for the four of us will cost about $22.00, estimating Saturday.  We’re already eating lighter meals, and have fired up the grill more than once.  Yup, it’s going to be a nice summer.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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