2012 Menu Planning: 5/6 – 5/12/12

I was able to kick back a little last week because my menus were planned.  But this week I’m relying on pre-cooked ingredients and frozen delights more, so that I have time to work in the yard, hopefully, and walk with #2.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday: Indoor-grilled (too windy) burgers (free), brats (3.75), tortilla chips (.50), veg plate.  About $5.00.

Monday:  Italian chicken (cooked Sunday) (.88/#), with pasta (.88) and cooking creme (1.49), salads (.60).  About $4.60.

Tuesday:  Baked fish (2.50), rice (.35), broccoli (.88).  About $3.75.

Wednesday:  Bbq pork in the freezer (1.49), fries (1.00), slaw (<1.00).  About $3.50.

Thursday:  Spaghetti (.50) with meatballs and sauce (1.78), salads (.60), garlic bread (.75).  About $3.65.

Friday:  Grilled chicken breast (~2.70), potatoes (.50), carrots (.50).  About $3.75.

Saturday:  Grilled boneless pork ribs (3.00), burgers (free), corn? (.70), vegs tbd (~$1).  About $5.00.

These dinners for the four of us will cost about $29.25, with some leftovers.  But leftovers are fewer with what we have in the freezer to use up.  Still, just enough is good enough, and we are certainly not going hungry!  Still lots to use up.  God provides.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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