$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 18

I cut back on my deal-doing this week.  I only got the things I needed, plus one or two or so “what was that?” deals tossed in the cart.  I did pretty well, really.

First, I only stopped at Aldi and Bag N Save.  On purpose, so I wouldn’t PM or grab bargains.  I did stop at No Frills, but that was for a birthday card and a discount deli snack for #1, which came out of another budget.  We’re trying to eat down the pantry and freezers since we’ll be less at home this summer.

Aldi:  The price of milk went up to more than $3 for 2% and whole gallons; they had to put a sign on the milk doors to not harrass the cashiers about the price.  Really, that’s sad.  I got apples, breakfast sausage, tortillas, pears,  and stocked up for the year on dressing mix packets.  Total for food:  $15.82.

Bag N Save:  Potatoes, tomatoes (and stupidly forgot the lettuce), boneless pork ribs cheap, pork filets, oven fries, Philly cooking creme for 1.49, lunchmeat, Swiss for 1.99, large eggs for .99/dozen, bread, and milks for 2.29 (cheaper than Aldi this week).  I didn’t need the cooking creme, but it was half price, and I immediately made plans for it this week.  I also got mac & cheese for the food pantry at 3/$1.  Total for food:  $37.35.

Total this week: $53.17, which puts my monthly total just for food at $53.17.  I’m workin’ on it.  In a few more weeks I’ll have a little more time at home, so I’ll probably turn to scratch cooking more.  Plus, the weather will be hottER, and we’ll feel less like eating gobs of food.

What I have for the coming weeks:  Still lots of everything we need.  That recent freezer inventory seems untouched, even though I’ve been using stock.  I got the pork this week just to add variety.  And there is lettuce growing in my square foot pots from last year’s plants!  (I thought I cleared those out, but they came back.) 

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.  They list how much each dinner costs, which is usually less than $5 for dinner for four.


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