2012 Menu Planning: 4/22 – 4/2812

The week is not starting on a good note; it can only get better.  So I’m relying on my menu plan to rescue me from some of the mania and stress.  And it always comes through for me, for which I am extremely grateful.

The good news is that after paying bills and doing finances over the weekend, we seem to have improved the aerobic culture in that regard.  I’m still well below my monthly grocery budget, which means more food pantry donations.  It’s status quo for another month, until school gets out.  Well, actually, we’ll be changing some behaviors in the transportation area, so that’ll mean a little more tension — hence the blessing of the menu plan.

Sunday:  Roast turkey breast ($3), cranberry and pecan stuffing (.79), sweet potatoes (.33/#).  Around $4.25.   The turkey breast I got last month was very moist, and super easy to cook.  I was going to Crock it, but forgot, so it went in the oven, seasoned and covered, for about 2 hours on 250 deg, then uncovered for about 20 minutes.  Yum! 

Monday:  Fish sticks (2.49), mac and cheese (.50), green beans (.34).  Around $3.50.  The fish sticks are the Fit & Active brand with NutraPure, and I will be reviewing these.

Tuesday:  Leftover turkey ($2.50) stir-fry (vegs ~$1), brown rice (.35).  Around $4.00.

Wednesday:  Spaghetti with marinara ($1 Target deal), salads (.60), garlic bread (.50).  Around $2.25.

Thursday:  Chicken Fajitas (chicken .88/#, peppers .99, onion .20), brown rice (.35).  About $3.25.

Friday:  For two: FREE takeout pizza (daily deal voucher), salads (.30).  Less than .50.  The pizza is from a new-to-us place, and a review is forthcoming. 

Saturday:  For two: cheddar brats ($1.99), homemade steak fries (.50), veg tbd (~.50).  About $4.00.

These dinners for the four of us (two on Fri/Sat) will cost about $21.75, with lots of variety and using up stuff I have.  There’s variety, flavor, and fresh produce in every meal but Monday (and do Mondays really count?). 

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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