$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 16

Last week to help Project Hope during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations by April 30!  This is a great opportunity to Spring Clean your pantries!  Or donate a portion of your budget, and it will apply to the challenge, too.

I found some great deals this week, and was able to maintain my enthusiasm for some select deals.  Funny what an empty shelf will do, huh?  Guess I didn’t need it after all.  I had a purposeful shop at Target, two at Bag N Save, a PM trip to NF, and my regular stop at Aldi.  I even stopped into HyVee for the Kraft cheese $1, but they were OUT, and the ad said “while supplies last.”  Early bird and all.

 Target:  Market Pantry brown rice 1# pkgs were .71.  Market Pantry pasta $1 plus sauce $1 – $1/both = $1 each dinner.  Multigrain Cheerios: 2.50 – .85 and .75 printables, – $1/2 = 1.15 and 1.25 each.  Roberts milk gallons were 2.99 (I was fresh out of insert coupons).  Total for food: $22.33.

Bag N Save:  Stopped in Monday for some sale deals.  Pork sirloin roasts for 3.60 and 3.92, grape tomatoes .79, bacon 1.88, cereals 1.78, eggs .89.  Total for food: 16.53.

Another trip on Friday for new sale deals not PMd at NF.  Eng muffins, cheese, deli meat 4.99/#, bread.  Total for food: 18.27.

No Frills:  Did some PMing, but shelves were cleared, so I was OOL on some items.  They gladly substituted a name brand brownie mix for Our Fam, and even credited it properly for the 11/$10 sale.  Other items in the sale going to Project Hope, like the Suave shampoo/conditioner 2-in-1, and deodorant.  Nash Brothers organic popcorn mini bags 3.75 – $2 = 1.75 for 8 portions, the same 9 oz as a 3-bag pack.  Pork & beans PM to HyVee for .29/can.  Again I found 2# baby carrots for .99, and a nice arm steak for less than $2.50.  PMd lots of Our Fam products to BnS, but I still have to go there for what I didn’t get at NF.  Total for food:  $37.88.

Aldi: I am thankful for my favorite cashier.  I realized in line that I had less cash than I thought.  She worked with me quickly and accurately, so as not to hold up the line, and she. is. AWESOME!  Fresh produce selection was incredible, and very fresh.  Tri-color pepper 3-packs for .99!  broccoli crowns .79.  Seriously good prices.  Total for food: 19.41.

Total this week: $114.42, which puts my monthly total just for food at $235.91 — YAY!  A little over a week left in the month, and I’m more than $100 below budget — or $65 below my self-imposed $300 budget for this month.  This makes me happy to get more for the food pantry.  I purchased several health care items for Project Hope, as well, and a few more things rotated out of my pantry for Scouting for Food. 

What I have for the coming weeks:  A wide variety of meats, fresh vegs that I need to process and pack today, and a chocolate bar that might just get me through the weekend, IYKWIM.  Still no peanut butter, but we’ll survive.  The peanuts I got this week will tide us over. 

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.


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