$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 15 — Quick Stop Edition

I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!  This is a great opportunity to Spring Clean your pantries!  Or donate a portion of your budget, and it will apply to the challenge, too.

I didn’t feel like shopping, really.  The rainy, stormy clouds are to blame, perhaps, or maybe my full coffers.  In any case, I made a quick stop to Aldi, then another to Walmart.  A little this and that to fill in the holes, and we’re good.  So happy to find fresh gallons of milk at an awesome price; best since a sale w/coupon surprise a few months ago.

Aldi — I snuck in for milk, produce and a few list items.  Skim milks 2.26/gallon on 4/11/12!  This was an unexpected deal, especially since the case sign said 2.33.   Not much else, really.  Pears were .79 for four, romaine hearts surprisingly high at 2.49 for the package of 3.  Best deal (non-food): 100 tablets of vitamins for 3.79.  Total for food $23.75.

Walmart — Another quick stop to get a gift and the stuff that was put on the list after I did my shopping (YKWIM).  Apples 3.97, bananas .99.  Total for food $4.96.

Total this week: $28.71, which puts my monthly total just for food at $121.49.  Wow.  It’s mid-month, and my self-imposed $300 budget this month is still $178.51 away!  More for pantry donations this week — that’s a blessing.  Note that this week I didn’t use coupons — shock and gasp!  And I do have so much in my freezers and pantries that I’m pulling for meals. 

What I have for the coming weeks:  Lots of pre-cooked and to-be-cooked meats and vegs.  Pantries with plenty of necessities and a few surprises I found last week. 

What I don’t have for the coming weeks:   Peanut butter!  What?!  We’re on our last jar, and that will magically last a few weeks.  I simply won’t pay 2.49 for an itty bitty jar of pb.  Hoping for a great sale and coupon matchup soon.

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.


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