2012 Menu Planning: 4/8 – 4/14/12

What a sense of relief!  Welcome, blessed New Life!  Welcome, sense of peace!

To help keep that peace alive for us, my menu plans will certainly help.  It’s down to the four of us again, and with our routine back to workable, my dinners will be “normal.”  We’ve got activities that seem tame with use of the plan, and I’ll be using up freezer and pantry items, taking advantage of seasonal sale items, too. 

On Saturday, I conducted freezer and pantry inventories.  O.Mi.Gosh!  This week we’ll use up the Easter ham, and intermingle that with using up other leftovers and must-use ingredients.  In the coming weeks, we’ll have a huge variety in our meals.  Yay!  Here’s what’s on our menus this week:

Easter Sunday:  Ham (1.69/#, and lots of leftovers), mashed potatoes (free), roasted sweet potatoes (.30), green beans (.33), brown n serve rolls (.99) and butter.  About $5.25. 

Monday:  Beef (leftover in the freezer ~2.00) stir-fry (vegs .33), brown rice (.30).  About $2.75.

Tuesday:  Leftover ham (~$3), mac/cheese (.25), salad (.40).  About $3.65.

Wednesday:  Baked chicken breasts (.88/#; 2.65), roasted sweet potatoes (.30), green beans (.33).  About $3.30.

Thursday:  Ham casserole w/leftover ham (recipe TBD; ~$3), salads (.40).  About $3.40.  A second casserole will go in the freezer; lots of meat on the bone.  Bone goes in the freezer for soup in a week or so.

Friday:  Fish recipe from a new cookbook (gift) (~$2), potatoes (.40), green peas (.48).  About $3.00.

Saturday:  Omaha Steaks and burgers (free), buns (.30), fries (1.89), salads (.40).  About $2.75.

These dinners for the four of us will cost about $24.10, including Easter dinner.  Again, these are just our dinners, but they do make up the bulk of our food budget.  This is the lowest cost I’ve had for dinners in a long time.  The 1.69/# ham is helpful, as well as the free Omaha Steaks, and .88/# split chicken breasts, which I still have.  The leftovers are very helpful to throw together in different combinations, and in varying portions.

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.


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