$350 Per Month — Grocery Cost This Week 14

I’d like to remind everyone that Project Hope can again benefit even more from your donations during the Feinstein Challenge.  Remember to contribute food donations in March and April!  This is a great opportunity to Spring Clean your pantries!

This first week of April has been Desserts!”  It’s interesting how our tumult coincided with the end days of Lent, and how now, with Easter here, and all the joy and New Life that brings, we have our own magnified sense of resurrection on a personal level.  I’ll spare you all the details, but we’ve been experiencing worldly impositions like unexpected and expensive car repairs, a visitor, serious family health issues involving major surgery and difficulty with recovery, and other things.  But it’s just us, and all of us, now, and the activities and comings-and-goings are manageable.  That helps with the budget, of course.

This week I fit in two grocery trips: one to Aldi for regular items and produce, and one to No Frills for Double Coupons.  I did very well on both accounts.  Today I inventory my pantries and freezers again, and I suspect next week will have me getting just list items and produce.

Aldi:  Gallon milk 2.33 still on 4/5/12.  We buy 4 at a time.  I love their cereals at 1.69!  Pineapple .99, carrots .99, Easter ham 1.69/# (found one for ~$12).  Sliced Swiss for DH’s sandwiches just 1.99!  Brown n Serve  rolls .99.  Total for food $39.73.

No Frills:  I did not attempt any price matching this time, or any fancy combined instant deals.  Just straight out double coupons and great finds.  Other than these deals, I also found Lunchmakers .50, Our Fam can vegs 3/$1 for Project Hope, jelly beans .99, and Tyson cooked bacon reduced for $1!  Total for food $18.05.

My employer:  I’m on assignment at a company that experienced a shipping oops, and offered us all-natural, cooked bratwurst at a ridiculous price (less than half).  I got a box for $35, and that’s enough for a good part of the summer.

Also, my Omaha Steaks package arrived, and it was FREE for me!

Total this week: $92.78, which puts my monthly total just for food at $92.78.  Now, since my freezers are bursting with ingredients including wonderful meats, and I’m doing that inventory today, there are sure to be tons and tons of wonderful menus available without extra expense.  I’m getting back on track, and I’m challenging myself to “$300 per Month in April!”  It’s doable. 

What I’ve got for the coming weeks:   I’ll know better later today, but we have lots of everything!  God is good and faithful!

To see how I put these provisions together into menu plans, check out my Menu Plan Monday posts each week.



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