2012 Menu Planning: 3/25 – 4/1/12

Meal planning has been difficult this week.  Another person in the house, here for fun times, and with little appetite for anything but hamburgers, has made our meal schedule stand on end.  Still, I’m planning and making meals.  Leftovers go into lunches or the freezer.  Here’s what’s on our dinner menus this week:

Sunday:  Steaks on the grill (splurge at $11, and not well liked by our visitor, so about half as leftovers), grilled foil potatoes ($1.50), green salads (.50).  About $6.50.

Monday:  Rotisserie chickens ($10, with plans for leftovers), broccoli rice casserole (FREE from Honeybaked), carrots (.50).  About $6.50 for the meal.

Tuesday:  Creamy Chicken Enchiladas (about $5.80 total), salads (.50).  About $6.30.

Wednesday:  Elder Brats at church Lenten dinner (I know, but that’s what they’re doing).

Thursday:  Just us four, fish sticks ($5), mac and cheese (FREE from Honeybaked), salads (.40).  About $5.40.

Friday:  Pan-grilled chicken breasts (~2.50), boiled potatoes ($1), green beans (.28).  About $3.80.

Saturday:  Grilled hamburgers (meat $2,  buns .40), cole slaw (.40), possible steak fries (~$1).  About $4.00.

These dinners for the five of us will cost about $32.50, including the steak splurge.  (I get why Europeans don’t know what real Nebraska steak tastes like, but we liked it.)  Our visitor doesn’t eat much, and always says no to seconds.  I’m out of my element.  I know the burgers will be a hit.  And while the theater popcorn was “the most awful thing” he’s had in Omaha, my air-popped version with sugar on it should satisfy that craving for him.  Definite cultural differences.

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